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Strive for perfection in everything we do.

Take the best that exists and make it better.

When it does not exist, design it.





PT. Lombardi Auto Indonesia is an automobile interior product R&D and manufacturer. Our company’s headquarter is located at the city of Jakarta, Indonesia.

Lombardi’s goal is to accelerate new product research and developments which focuses on catering human comfort and safety needs in the advent of auto-pilot driving technology.


Our products are developed with design craftsmanship, focused technology road map, and proprietary engineering works.

Since 2015, Lombardi has been focusing on product development and manufacturing for luxurious MPVs which are compatible for Toyota and Mercedes-Benz auto vehicles.


Our engineering team has more than eight years of experience in producing redeveloped MPV and commuter bus for prominent car body manufacturers such as AdiPutro and New Armada Group.


The company’s administration office, R&D center and manufacturing facility are located at Daan Mogot, West Jakarta.

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